Monday, May 11, 2015

Check it Out

I'm happy to introduce my latest Teachers Pay Teachers product, 15 Discussion Warm-Up Printables. It has some of my most fun ideas from years of teaching. Each of these 15 activities will give students a great way to review their reading, so they begin the discussion with plenty to say instead of awkward silence. If you buy this packet, you'll have fifteen well-designed handouts that you can use for any of your classes (7th-12th) with any novel.

This is the 35th product I've posted, and the one I'm most proud of. It's taken me months to get the hang of the Teachers Pay Teachers system, but now I'm starting to feel that I have. It's an interesting idea to let teachers write the curriculum for each other - almost like an educational version of Wikipedia. After years of browsing Barnes and Noble unsuccessfully for educational material that is actually engaging instead of stuffed with dry research useless to my classroom, I think Teachers Pay Teachers is on the right track. Will it catch on for secondary teachers? I don't know. But I'm all in for now.

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