Monday, May 11, 2015

Art / English Interdisciplinary

Does your school do any English/Art crossover? I used to work at a school with a humanities program, but art was the most silent partner in the group. And yet, I see a million ways that art plays a role in understanding and processing writing. Above, I am posting a few pictures of student projects that used art to help interpret their understanding of writing and literature, and I could post dozens more that I love. I always enjoy assigning projects that access students' artistic abilities, but I am also mindful that some of the students hate to be forced into art projects. So I try to create differentiated assignments, leaving room for a wide variety of intelligences. I either assign options that do not include art, divide students into groups only some of which pursue something art-related, or try to clearly show that it is the thinking behind the art that matters, and that the artistic representation can be just as brilliant in pencil or computer generated graphics as in watercolor or oil paint, etc.

How do you incorporate art into your curriculum? Or don't you?

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