Saturday, October 3, 2015

First in a Series: Creativity Cards for Unexpected Free Time

I'll never forget the first time I taught a class unprepared. All year I had scrupulously prepped lesson plans minute by minute. Then one day in a very stressful period, I accidentally tried to teach the same lesson plan for the second day in a row. One of my favorite students pointed it out in his usual comic way, totally inoffensively. "We liked this lesson yesterday, we can do it again if you want." Suddenly I had 45 minutes and no plan at all.

But I made one up.

Now, as an experienced teacher, the thought of unexpected time doesn't scare me anymore. I have developed dozens of strategies over the years for fun ways to fill the surprise gaps that surface in even the most well-prepared lesson plans. So I thought I would develop a series of these strategies to share. Interject the ones you like in your next spare classroom moment, and have fun doing it!

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