Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some of my Favorite Resources Online

A lot of teachers argue about whether or not to make use of other people's resources for the classroom. I'm all about originality, but I love to be inspired by other teachers, and I love to share my ideas. If I spend fifteen hours designing a project, I'd really like some other people to use it too! And my assumption is that others who post their ideas feel the same way.

Here is a little tour of some of my favorite English teaching resources online...

The Penguin Teachers Guides are exhaustive in their efforts to provide discussion questions, lesson ideas and projects. When they have a guide to a book I'm teaching, I virtually always print it out and highlight my favorite ideas to incorporate into my unit.

Web English Teacher is chock full of links to most every work in the canon, poetry and prose. I love to check out the links to projects, resources, vocabulary and much more related to whatever book I am teaching.

Outta Ray's Head is pretty old-school in its look. But I've had fun perusing the lessons and even submitting one of my own to share. There's a lot of fun material on the site that teachers have shared over the years.

Readwritethink has put together a wonderful site of lesson plans that rely on online resources for some part of the work. Each complete lesson contains all you need to implement it in the classroom the next day. You can search by grade level, type of lesson, or keyword. You might even find a lesson plan I put together for them!

Grammar Girl has helped me out a number of times, especially when I'm trying to explain something to a student who speaks English as their second language. She's got the quick fix for practically every common error out there.

What about you? Do you believe its ok to share ideas online? Or do you think ever classroom product should be your own original work?

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